Your RSS campaign didn’t send out at properly scheduled time ? Don’t panic. The first thing you need to do is reading RSS troubleshooting by Mailchimp

It’s will bright your mind about how the RSS in Mailchimp works. First, ensure you’ve done all of troubleshooting, if thing still doesn’t work as expected. You may follow my ways to solve these issue.

1. Compare timezone on your site and Mailchimp timezone

I’ve seen this several times, timezone difference between site and mailchimp causing the issue. For example, if the site was using UTC-7 and Mailchimp UTC-6. These condition would make your site 1 hour behind Mailchimp time. That’s bit of one hour could be an issue, because if your posts were published less than 1 hour behind mailchimp, it will make MailChimp system couldn’t recognize new items in your feed

How to change Mailchimp timezone

1.  After you’ve logged in to Mailchimp, Click on avatar on right top. Then click on Account


2. Click Details under the Settings tab


3. Choose an appropriate timezone with your site

4. Hit a Save button on the bottom of page

2. Clear site cache after publishing posts

It’s important to clear your cache once you got new update on your site. Always do a crosscheck over the feed and ensure if your items are there. If not, try to clear the cache everytime you add new post

I am using W3 Total Cache in almost all of my WordPress sites where the default settings would purge all caches when new post got published.

3. Check the schedules

Schedule is the screen that you would see when setting up an automated RSS campaign. This meant when items from feed would be delivered. I always crosscheck my schedules to make sure Mailchimp system can fetch the right items around that time. Remember as well, mailchimp only send your RSS if there were new items on the feed

This post is written according my experiences. Those 2 things above were general mistakes. There are no guarantee the issue you had to face is same. To get clear information about your issues, I highly recommend to get in touch with Mailchimp support team.

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