Young passionate wordpress developer, born as natural and self-taught developer, Someone would love to work with the great ideas. My hobby are code and solve a problems related WordPress, Woocommerce, and PHP

I am starting my carrier when 14. Where I selected as Web Developer/Administrator  in small company while allowed to keep studying in High School. Given good sallary as respect for my accomplishment, I trusted by company to manage and extends the functionality of company website.

I am type of person which would not sleep until the works are done perfectly. I give my best to prior an accessible and performance of anything I had create.

I am a simple person that never give up from works if it were things that solveable. I can’t promise something that unreachable, But, I do make something that reachable

Main skills :

As part of Developer, WordPress and Woocommerce are my hobbies, specialties, and what were I always loves. I am building Modules, Themes, and Plugins and been responsible on every function I made.

I have great experience on Web Design and Insfrastructure, where I must reconsiderate and analyze each needs of users when accessing the site. I would say if My designing skills also considerable since it is useful when I am building the themes, and Plugins interface










Work experience :

  • Website Administrator. 2012 – 2013 at MFA Network
  • Freelance WordPress Developer. 2013 – Current

Languages :

  • English – Intermediate ( reading ); basic ( speaking, writing )
  • Japanese / 日本語 – Intermediate ( reading ); basic ( speaking, writing )
  • Bahasa Indonesia – Native

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