• Wordpress Theme Development

    Looking for better site with better engine ? WordPress is your answer ! With an Unique and friendly wordpress theme, you’ll get both of key features of winner site, Brand and Performance.

    My service focus on how to condense your brand without prevent the site being faster. Visitors remember an unique brand, and love fast website

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  • Wordpress Plugin Development

    To get more result, you need more features. If your site lack of one favourites features, you simply lose competition. the more features you can provide for visitors, more they will loves your site

    Plugin development I offer here separated in two part. One feature or Multiple features development, allow you to keep site on it way, add more features without breaking the performance of site

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  • API & Integration

    Need to connect an apps with a site or connect between apps ? My service here available to satisfy and provide any integration ( for PHP and WebApps only )

    Mafazine is working as professional WordPress Developer, but his main skills not limited with only wordpress and php, He also pretty adapted API developer