Tips to increase list hasn’t grown well – When the first time I was using Mailchimp. Exactly in 2014 and learn some basic knowledge about it. Everything almost not going well at the moment. I didn’t cross check throughout few of these things (yeah, some of them were my experiences 🙂 )

Before I continue to the main tips, I’d like to tell you something, few of them were ‘stupid’ mindset of mine back then.

1. My list hasn’t grown well? Oh, I just need to wait. . .

In my case, almost 3 weeks that I didn’t get any subscribers into my list. And the foolish think ever I had made at that time is: “Oh, I guess I need to be patience”. Yes, patience surely is important. But patience with only waiting and doing nothing surely terrible. Don’t be like me!

2. My list hasn’t grown well? I need more free gift. . .

Another foolish think of mine, I ended by making so many free gift that are uninteresting. In the end, I have to delete them since it was not helping me catch more subscribers, nor even helping others since no one downloaded it.

People don’t know how good is the quality of your gift (if using one) if they were not downloaded it. In the case, what you should do is construct your SignUp form and its wording to be more attractive so visitors interested to download it.

3. Move on to a different service

What is the service you used for list building? Don’t too rush to move on different service if the case is your list hasn’t grown very well now. Usually, I consider switching to another service if the cases are:

  • The bounce rates are high
  • The pricing isn’t reasonable / found better pricing
  • The server is always down
  • The customer service is crap
  • The features are lacking / found better features

If you willing, try the SumoMe list building feature (a paid feature) to do A/B testing. This test will let you to obtain accurate data with your list

4. Buying a List from unknown source

Quality is first. I do believe this as you are. Sometimes it’s frustrating seeing the list grown slowly. I do not do this, however, it seems there are so many marketers who bought a list from unknown source. My advice is don’t do this! It’s too risk and either the list is not relevant to your business.

5. Not build a good relationship with subscribers

Your list hasn’t grown or even reduced? Check your relationship. To build a responsive list, a good relationship is a must. There are many ways for it. For example, greet them when big events are coming. Or send them a good information/stuff. This way, you will not lose potential subscribers.

Now that we know the things should be avoided. To grow a good list, I’d like to say as other marketer said. Quantity is second, you must prioritize the quality of its list. If you are using GetResponse or Mail Chimp, there you can track who were subscribers that always read your message and who were not. Simply remove the subscribers that no potential from the list, it’s only wasting your database. Ensure you always keep a clean and potential subscribers.

Tip 1: Form placement

This is an essential tip you can find anywhere. And it is form placement. In my opinion, the best spots to place a form are below the post title, top of sidebar, pop-up, bottom and header bar, and below the post content. These spots are usually main attention of visitors. If you condense and decorate your form very well, it’s will take their attention to get signed up

Tip 2: Content Relevance

You know the rate of visitors would sign up to your list is damned low if relation/relevance between site contents and list are different. Visitors signed up for your list with hopes to get a benefit from it. It’s rather absurd when the site is taking up business as a topic and the list is about dating.

Tip 3: Do A/B Testing

Have different wording and placement? Do A/B testing let you obtain an accurate data to compare. This is an effective way to choose the best SignUp form to attach in your site. As mentioned, you may want to consider SumoMe list building feature for easier management of your testing. You can take a general report and made a conclusion which is the form that make your list hasn’t grown well.

Tip 4: Look at the success competitor / big sites

I often do this. To look after another success competitor and some big sites. Learn from them (or maybe stealing). And some modification before applying/copying it into my site. You can learn so much from enemies. And find out what makes your list hasn’t grown well as another does

Tip 5: Ask your visitors before leaving out

You would find so many plugins available in the market to do this. Whether it’s free or premium. Trigger a Popup or Alert right after visitors hit a close button, ask them for their opinion, what are they like to get on your site. One or two opinions couldn’t be a demand. You should consider after collecting many of them before action. Then, give what they want as an exchange for their contact information

Tip 6: Social Media Traffic

You can engage more audiences from social media. Advertising your site is a good choice to boost visitors in no time. Opposite with SEO technique, you wouldn’t need to wait so long to see the result. Paid traffic from social media is qualified as potential as long the topic and your ads are relevant. What’s wasting is buying traffic from sites like Paid To Click, etc.

Tip 7: Share before action

If your content is very valuable. Consider to lock it by Share plugin. It meant visitors need to share it before they can access the content of your list. This is a good way to spread the thing and reach more audiences without paid traffic, or SEO technique.

That’s all the tips I can tell you. Once again, behalf of them are taken from my experiences as a source. So it might have different affect regarding how much your efforts. Your list hasn’t grown well, even after giving lot of efforts? Consider to hiring an expert 🙂

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