A young creative wordpress developer you ever meet ! The right person you will need to help your office works and help your business site appears confidently.

Mafazine has been working as Freelance WordPress Developer since 2013. He’s someone who never bother other business by over hoping their needs. He is reasonable developer which is available to reach something logic and increase that chance into Maximum

Mafazine start his careers when keep studying at Senior High School, and known as self-taugh website developer, his fields of expertise are WordPress, especially Themes and Plugins Development


Below are few of solutions I offer, they were here to introduce what exactly I am doing, and what I can do for your business. You might also interested to see my services here

  • Web Development

    Once small business ignore to Show off their goods / services through Website, it is simply lose the chance to spread and make the business even bigger.

    My solution is focusing to help the small business owner to get their company goes online and reach more audiences. Through right marketing and serving a good website, you are winner from other competitor !

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing has become a great tools to whatever business model, Agencies, Firm, eCommerce. They are already using an Automated Email Marketing to promote their goods !

    Mafazine here offers many things related Email marketing, from designing email template, or even full setup of automation itself