API: Syscom

A plugin to syncronize woocommerce products with distributor site via API. Support partial auto-cron to improve server performance and avoid exhaustion.

General Challenge:

Synching 15.000+ products ( Fields. including images and files hosting ). And the only available option is sending one request per product which means 15.000+ process of API, download, and storing without troubling site.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Fields -> Syncronize the fields that configured in Admin
  • Files Hosting
  • Field Mapping
  • Field Types ( Images, Files, Text, Array, JSON, Recursive Object/Array )
  • Partial Sync
  • Rest
  • Log
  • Auto Re-attempt failed request
  • Server Efficiency
  • Pause/Stop

Additional Feature:

  • Display imported fields to Woocommerce Product Page ( Gallery, etc )