I keep hearing from Upwork from the last months. That they would immediately remove Skrill from Withdrawal method. And as per today e-mail, They did removed it. And as you can see. Skrill cannot be used anymore for receiving money from Upwork.

What’s to do ?

Have you receive the same email ( from Upwork ) and read it ? Or you receive it but abandon it ? Don’t worries ! At the same time, Upwork gave us an alternative, a better one. And it was Payoneer, the leading company of Prepaid card for online businesses, especially Freelancer.


Register Payoneer here !


Payoneer logo

Payoneer has specialized their service on online businesses. As long you receive the money from verified source or the companies that are listed as Payoneer parther, you are safe from banned.

In other side, Payoneer offers many services and benefits that Skrill doesn’t. In Skrill, you won’t be able to get the plastic card if you’re living outside of Europe. Opposite, You can get the plastic card from Payoneer regardless where you’re living.

Plastic card that payoneer gave could be used for many things. Like ATM withdrawal, and pay a bills. ATM withdrawal is my main reason that I love to use Payoneer instead of Skrill.

For freelancer including me, Payoneer is better than Skrill. A better exchange rates and instant withdrawal. The charge for each withdrawal is only $3 USD. Still better than Skrill that cut $25 for every withdrawal to the local bank.

How to get Payoneer plastic card ?

You can request the card right after registered on Payoneer. In the normal case, the card would be delivered within 1 month with no shipping fees. Unless you need the card as soon as possible, you can ask them to send the card through paid shipping either Fedex or DHL.


Get Your card here !

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